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World’s Famous Indian Astrologer

In New York, USA & Canada – Shivanand Ji

I Shivanand Astrologer in New York, USA is world’s famous Indian Professional Vedic Astrologer, Psychic and Traditional Spiritual healer of all time. I am always ready to help you from going through the Bad phase of your life, and to always show a best path of happy and Prosperous life.
I Shivanand Indian astrologer in New York, USA as I follow the Indian traditional culture in all kind, even in my personal and professional life, I am expert and specialist in removing and solving the Black magic and healing the Negative Evil Spirt. Who are really facing such problems in their Personal lives here in New York, USA. In fact, India has already introduced astrology generations back around 5,000 years ago to the world in its own way, now it’s also called Vedic Astrology in recent times, which is also science in modern generations, also been followed by NASA.
Subject Astrology and Horoscope is judged by the positions and moves in the sky of the universal elements Such as the SUN, the MOON, the STARS, the PLANTES and the twelve Chinese Zodic Signs, which has direct influence on human actions in their daily life styles.


Pandit Shivanand Ji


Get Your Love Back

So you’re unhappy because your lover no more cares for you? You’re lost and life is full of emptiness, and your heart and mind each are dejected?

Remove Black Magic

Have you been cursed or hexed by someone playing with black magic? Most black magic spells can be removed by using cleansing techniques or channelling positive energy.

Palm Reading

Want to know what lies ahead in your future? Get to know everything about your love, marriage, career, health and familial bonds through your palm lines.

Horoscope Reading

What is Detailed Horoscope Reading? A horoscope based on the configuration of planets – Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and others drawn as per the time, date & place…

Hanuman Puja

Lord Hanuman is the devotee of Lord Sri Ram. He is always remembered for his sincere devotion to Lord Ram. Hanuman is a powerful deity very popularly worshipped in Hinduism.

Spritual Healing

Spiritual healing can help people in a wide range of ways – sometimes unexpected. Healing may totally cure somebody – or may not, but rather may rather enable them

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Pandit Shivanand Ji

Super Specialist in USA

Famous Astrologer in USA solve your all problem with in few Time contact for immediate solution

As a leading and famous Indian astrologer in USA, Shivanand Das offers reliable and practical astrology solutions to all the life problems. He is a professional and well-educated Indian Vedic astrologer, with years of experience in the field of astrology. Astrologer Shivanand is very straight forward and always help people to meet the reality, no matter how harsh it is. He uses the best of his knowledge to guide people on how to walk on the right track. His area of specialization includes Numerology, Gemology, Palmistry, Love Psychic Readings, Lal Kitab Remedies, Black Magic Removal, Negative Energy Removal and Evil Spirit Removal Solutions.

Shivanand Ji has a long list of his followers and the database is continuously increasing. He treats everyone on priority and addresses their problems. Astrologer in New York Shivanand Ji uses his Vedic astrology knowledge for the benefit of mankind. He has a vast knowledge of astrology that not only people to fight back with tough times, but also shows a path of happy & prosperous life. Pandit Ji is always ready to help everyone going through the bad phase of life. So if you or someone in your known need the help of a professional astrologer, Pandit Shivanand Ji is here. Contact him to know more.

Remove Black Magic
Ganesh Puja

Know More About

Pandit Shivananad Ji

Pandit Shivanand Ji is a India based world renowned Astrologer in Newyork, USA. Pandit Shivanand is one of the most trusted Indian Astrologer in Newyork. Best Psychic Medium is born in a family of Astrlogers and he had always practiced Astrology since his infancy. Panditji is an expert in occult science, performs spiritualisim and has gained a great knowledge of Shastras & VeJi through his continous research & studies.

Pandit Shivanand Ji is a well known Vedic Astrologer in Newyork who provides 100% proven results for your personal & professional problems. Panditji predicts your problems & future growth by understanding the position of the Planets, Sun & Moon, their conjunctions with other planets, their impact on zodiac signs in the birth chart of an individual. With his god-gifted special instinctive power and the guidance of the higher self, Panditji carries out a deep study of your present situation and guides you through obstacles in the past which may be holding you back at the present.

Durga Mata

Pandit Shivanand Ji has vast knowledge in Astrology and has gained immense experience by providing solutions for the unsettled issues. Panditji is one of the professional and knowledgeable Indian Astrologer based in Newyork whom you can rely for getting 100% remedies for all the problems being faced by you in your life. Pandit Shivanand has helped thousands of people to overcome their longstanding unresolved problems in his 10 years of tenure.

Pandit Shivanand Ji is a qualified & experienced Psychic Medium, Astrolger in Newyork having 10 years of experience in this field. Through his expert diagnosis, Panditji identifies your problems and provides optimum solutions to give you quick results.

Pandit ji is one of the famous Astrloger in Newyork who has gained his knowledge & spiritual vision through deep sadhana. He is also a recognized Vedic Astrolger in Newyork whose predictions are very accurate and detailed. His talks & preaches are a pure belnd of ancient & modern astrological tantras and has a great vision on Astrology.

EXPERTIESE as Psychic Medium in New York:

Pandit ji has an expertise in reading Horoscopes, Astrology compatibility, and in solving your long standing unresolved Carrier problems, Marriage problems, Divorce problems, Family disputes, Health issues, Re-uniting true love, Business & financial issues etc. Pandit ji excels providing solutions for Black magic, lingering court cases and He advises you about the course of action to be followed in a certain situation and provides sure remedies for all kind of your problems. Psychic Mediums area of specialization also includes Numerology, Gemology, Palmistry, Love psychic readings, Lal kitab remedies. Vedic Astrology.

Pandit Shivanand Ji is a also a Black magic specialist in New york and owns proficiency in removing Negative energy and evil spirit from the affected soul by his spcialized tantric skills. He also with his proven skills, helps you get back your loved ones in life.

Pandit ji has numerous followers who have obtained 100% satisfactory results after contacting Panditji through themselves & references and the data base is contniously increasing. With his accurate prediction and remedies for the various problems of people who come to see him everyday, he has helped many people to lead a prosperous succeful life. Pandit Shiavand believes that with proper Astrological guidance and remidies anyone can stay poised about what life would bring on and have clarity and confidence when dealing with problems. Panditji interacts people with honest, treats their problems with high interest and provides solutions for their problems. Psychic Medium is always ready to help everyone going through the bad phase of life. So if you or someone whom you know needs the help of a professional Astraloger, it is Pandit Shivanand Ji whom you should get in touch with. Contact Best Psychic Medium to to get immediate solutions for your ceaseless problems.

Get the help of astrologers for a quick heal

Astrology is a healing process of resolving issues arising in this competitive world. It is the study and experience of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. Only professionals astrologers residing around the world can use their tactics to get well in term of resolving out your day to day issues.

If you are seeking some issues in your life like health problems, business loss, and more, then you can get rid of these by approaching the best astrologer in new york. Their apt predictions and respective worthwhile astrological tactics which are easy to follow can change your life into happier. Their vast knowledge and experience have been helping the people over the world for many decades ago.

Being the high demand of famous Indian astrologer in new york, you can get your worried resolved from them either by directly interacting or discuss over the phone. Whether you suffer from a personal turmoil or a professional struggle, New York astrologers are well and humble in resolving the issues disturbing your life for a prolonged time.

How is astrological recommended to revolve almost every issue?

It is a well-remarkable and accurate statement that astrologer is like a god, especially for those we have got resolved their personal and professional problems from them. Let’s have a look at what type of problems can solve with the help of the famous astrologer in new york:

Black magic removal and protection in New York

The black magic is like turning a person unconscious in the dealing they are doing. These people don’t have an idea what and why a particular action is taken place. In brief, only a successful and effective remedy of black magic is astrology. If you find something like his with you, you can undoubtedly take the help of famous Indian astrologers in usa.

Sexual healing in New York, USA

Sometimes even after a relationship of many years starts turning into worse. A person finds that his/her partner starts declining his/her interest and hauling in making relations with him/her. Every sort of sexual problem can heal with the help of astrologers.

Marriage astrology in New York, USA

Despite efforts, sometimes people find themselves unable to get married. Around 70% of people find unable to get a perfect match. All these sorts of marriage problems can easily be sorted out with the help of astrologers in new york.

Family relationship problems in New York, USA

Despite having a great bond between husband and wife, sometimes people start disturbing because of not having a sound bounding between the family members. This sort of problem can be well-solved by the astrologers.

Vashikaran Specialist in New York, USA

If you find you are controlled by someone or acting like the direction of others, means you get vashikaran. The best remedy to come out from this strong bound of black magic, only astrologers can able to find out the perfect way in a short time.

Best Solution for Job & education in New York, USA

If you are seeking your interest out from your study and career, it will be an ideal step to get the help from the famous Indian astrologer in new york.


Always facing a financial crisis? Not earning enough money to fulfil your needs despite best efforts or worried with unwanted expenditures? Are you unable to pay even small debts? Seek to get the blessings of Goddess of Wealth? Well, all these professional queries are solved by the astrologers as well.

Health Astrology in New York, USA

If you are concerned about your health issues and seeking to know the secret keys to maintaining your health then you can get rid only from the astrological tactics and remedies.

Get rid of bad luck

If you consider that all the bad luck relies upon you, can out from it with the astrological tactics of the famous Indian astrologers in usa.

Court case astrology

Sometimes, people assume to end up their life as after defeating a court case or not get favouring on the legal solution. For this, it is recommended to get the advice of astrologers prior and during your court cases.

Childless couple problems.

The fact is without a child, no light in the life. Only this loss can be felt by the couple having no child. But astrologers are like doctors they can treat the childless couples with their effective astrological remedies so that every people can become the parent.

Jealously and curse Removal

Jealousy is like a salient weapon which can be healed only with the astrologers having a sound experience. If you find, some people keep jealousy from you, you can indulge in some astrological remedies to get rid of these.

Drug or Alcohol Problems

Taking drugs or alcohol means the backwards counting of your life has started. If you find that your partner or any family member or friend apart getting many remedies still unable to say goodbye to this silent killer, kindly have a call to famous Indian astrologers in usa to experience instant results.

Despite from these issues, many more can be resolved with help of astrologers. Moreover, Spiritual healing is one of the traditional ways to cure an individual’s disease. It is the robust method that can solve even the most topical issues. Only professional astrologers can do this wonder. If you are finding Spiritual Healer in new York to get out of the bounded problem, you are following the right track.

Why is astrology the best choice for even the today’s’ generation?

Accurate and effective Remedial Solutions

24×7, 365 Days Availability

Instant Access Worldwide

No need to interact face to face

Privacy Guaranteed

Trusted by million clients

Every sort of problem can be solved instantly.

Hence, as the world is moving at a fast pace and people keep turning more aggressive day by day because of high competition, to win this life’s race, one should be in touch of a reputed astrologer so that he can take every turn of his life successful. To get it, it is suggested to get in touch with the famous indian astrologers in usa. They will serve you at the places you are residing.

Lord Shiva

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